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7 Experiences in Valletta, Gozo, and Comino

Malta is an island archipelago located 93km south of Sicily. Most visitors experience the city of Valletta when they visit the island. Valletta, Gozo, and Comino are three of Malta’s inhabited islands that offer exciting experiences. This archipelago also contains 18 uninhabited islands. Here are my top 7 experiences in Valletta, Gozo, and Comino for first-time travelers to Malta.

St John’s Co-Cathedral

Visiting this noteworthy site in beautiful Malta is a must on any traveler’s list. To begin with, it depicts an outstanding view of cathedrals throughout Europe. There is plenty of architecture here from the leading artists in the past. Discover the work by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, a world-renowned artist.

Enjoy local dishes

It’s a must-do to have lunch at the bakery since it’s an experience you won’t forget. Here, you can surprise your loved one with the best-selected delicious cakes rich in cheese and chocolate. Besides pizza, you can also find delicious pasta in the bakery that started earlier.

Take a cruise

Find out what makes experiences in Valletta so special. View Valletta’s impressive forts from the sea as you relish the programmed stops convenient for seeing the fascinating sites with live cruise commentary done in English and Germany. You can learn about the harbor during the boat riding sessions as you pass by the fortified walls exploring St. Elmo.

Explore the upper Baraka garden

Plan your visit around this place full of palazzos, cathedrals, and gardens. The Upper Baraka garden is full of spots that keep you engaged throughout the day, with its brilliant view from the other side of the grand harbor. As you indulge in the snacks, try to take a moment to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with scenic views.

Visiting Santa Marja Bay and San Nicklaw Bay

What captivating sites to see? Stop at Santa Marja, a fascinating location for relaxed family time. Snow-white sand is all over the beach, and the bay is covered by a pale blue lagoon.

Among the many things to do in Comino are boating and jeep riding. Take the initiative of exploring chapels, caves, and other best sites.

The elegant Comino Hotel offers the best accommodations and refreshments on the sandy beach.

Citadel and Tai Gordon lighthouse

It is a unique spot that you ought to visit. This stunning destination is located on the hilltop giving you a fun experience of the rich island. Many refer to the citadel as a visitor’s center. There are two areas. One has info panels and interactive touchscreens, and the other with a theater to watch videos on citadel history.

Tai Gordon is one of the prominent landmarks positioned on Maltase Island, and you should consider taking a nature walk.


Welcome to the paradise of divers and snorkelers, with swimming as a must recreational activity. Stunning blue lagoons filled with crystal clear water are the perfect place to take photos.

Make your experience in Valletta exceptional by including experiences and a deeper exploration of the city. For more information, contact us here.


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