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"Shared paths lead to the richest destinations"

Group travel opens the door to discovering deep connections that only journeying together can forge

Just because you've taken on the role of the group travel leader doesn't mean you should transform into the default travel agent for the entire group — managing payments, exploring options, creating spreadsheets, and reserving rooms. Not to mention, the endless communication back and forth through phone calls or emails.

Group travel demands careful consideration and adept negotiation to ensure all elements fit together harmoniously for a cohesive and enjoyable journey.  That's where we can help!

We bring travel expertise to the table, answering tough questions, handling logistics, and managing different personalities and needs, allowing both group leaders and participants to relax and anticipate an enjoyable experience.

Ready to discover the simplicity of group travel when you collaborate with professionals?

Joint Venture Partnerships

We specialize in helping small and growing brands connect with their audiences through travel.

We take entrepreneurs with engaged followers and customers and curate incredible travel experiences for them to have together.

Whether they travel in groups of 10 or more, these curated experiences create amazing benefits such as content creation, product sales, intimate experiences, and revenue generation.

All you have to decide is when and where to go, and then invite your community.

Interested in becoming a partner?


Hosted Group Trips


Travel enthusiasts with common interests find a shared platform in special interest groups, where they can journey through the world engaging in activities they are passionate about. These groups can vary widely, including:

  • Yoga

  • Golf

  • Wine

  • Biking

  • Photography

  • History

The organization of group trips offers significant advantages. It provides access to unique experiences, leverages local expertise, and ensures a tailored travel experience. Smaller groups also mean smoother coordination and access to unconventional destinations.

Group leaders typically have an infectious enthusiasm, spurring participation and fostering a warm atmosphere. Incentives for leaders can include complimentary travel for reaching booking quotas, exclusive onboard perks, or special event invitations not available to regular travelers.

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Yoga in the Algarve

September 14-21, 2024 (2 SPACES LEFT)

Come and be a part of the Algarve experience! Nestled in the Southern region of Portugal, where the Atlantic Ocean surrounds you, immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural scenery of endless beaches cradled by majestic red cliffs. Join us at a private resort with Liz & Jasna, the inspiring leaders of Drishti Yoga & Wellness.



""Laurie is of the utmost professional and detail-orientated person we have dealt with when planning retreats.  She takes care of EVERYTHING!  This five-star service continues from the time we book until we get back home!  She is honest and always looking out for our best interests."

Elda & Tara, Modo Yoga Hamilton

PAST TRIPS:  Belize Yoga 2024

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