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Group Escapes

Elevated Group Journeys That Capture the Heart

Traveling with friends, family, or special interest groups doesn’t just strengthen bonds—it transforms ordinary trips into extraordinary adventures.  Whether you’re celebrating major life milestones, planning girl's escapes with your besties, or organizing special interest getaways, every journey should be as unique and memorable as the moments you wish to cherish.

Imagine chartering a private yacht to explore the secluded beaches of Croatia or the isles of Greece, where the sea mirrors the sky and hidden coves await your discovery.  Or, picture settling into a rustic villa in Italy for an immersive yoga retreat or a multi-generational family getaway, with sweeping views of Tuscany’s serene hills as your daily backdrop.  For wine enthusiasts, consider a leisurely river cruise tailored for your wine club, where every bend in the river uncovers a new vineyard or a quaint town ripe for exploration.


 As experts in group travel, we're committed to working with you to select the perfect destinations and activities that will resonate deeply with you, your family, or your clients.


Multigenerational Adventures

Bring the whole family together on bonding adventures that bridge generations from grandparents to tweens and teens.

As your travel specialists, we'll meticulously craft excursions and hand-select accommodations that cater to each family member's interests and mobility, providing an unforgettable and inclusive experience where no one misses out on the enjoyment.

Friends & Couples Escapes

Round up your best friends or your favorite couples for a fun-filled adventure customized just for your group’s interests.


Whether craving lively adventures or peaceful retreats, we tailor your journey to fit your desires. Dive into thrilling wildlife safaris, absorb rich cultural heritage, or unwind on luxury cruises. Each itinerary is meticulously designed to cater to your specific interests and group dynamics, promising a personalized and memorable travel experience.


Retreats & Business Groups

Bring your top clients or members together for a travel experience that builds loyalty and showcases your business or club in a thrilling new light.

We collaborate with business owners and group leaders to design journeys tailored to your distinct expertise. Envision VIP trips to exclusive 5-star island resorts for corporate clients, private vineyard experiences along river cruises for wine enthusiasts, tranquil yoga retreats in serene landscapes, or invigorating golf outings at world-renowned courses. We handle every aspect from budgeting to execution, ensuring a seamless and standout experience for your clients that elevates your reputation. Explore the limitless possibilities with us today.


Hosted Group Trips

YOGA PAVILLION_edited_edited.jpg

Yoga in the Algarve

September 14-21, 2024 (2 SPACES LEFT)

Come and be a part of the Algarve experience! Nestled in the Southern region of Portugal, where the Atlantic Ocean surrounds you, immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural scenery of endless beaches cradled by majestic red cliffs. Join us at a private resort with Liz & Jasna, the inspiring leaders of Drishti Yoga & Wellness.



""Laurie is of the utmost professional and detail-orientated person we have dealt with when planning retreats.  She takes care of EVERYTHING!  This five-star service continues from the time we book until we get back home!  She is honest and always looking out for our best interests."

Elda & Tara, Modo Yoga Hamilton

PAST TRIPS:  Belize Yoga 2024

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