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Getting Started


Europe Planning & Beyond

An itinerary to fit your travel style + budget

$250 + GST
  • Consultation & planning meeting for your perfect vacation

  • Accommodation bookings (villas, hotels, condos)

  • Airfare reservations (without points)

  • Travel insurance

  • Excursions & activities

  • Pre-departure document preparation

  • Travel entry requirements

  • Professional advise based on our knowledge and expertise

  • Travel documents on a convenient app

  • In-destination emergency support

  • Proposal & quote with 2 small change only

  • More than 1 destination incurrs additional fees of $50 each

Please note fees are per household.  A household is determined by living in the same house.

all-inclusive & luxury cruises

Matching you with the perfect resort or cruise line

$200 + GST
  • Consultation & planning meeting

  • Proposal & quote with up to 1 small change only

  • Research

  • Booking of package or cruise

  • Airfare reservations (without points)

  • Booking of pre & post cruise extention

  • Shore excursion suggestions and booking

  • Mobile travel APP with itinerary

  • Support & advocacy

Fees are per household.  A household is determined by living in the same house.

group travel

Itinerary Design Only

$350 + GST
  • Liaise with group leader to coordinate itinerary

  • Handle all the bookings per members

  • Process payments on behalf of members including payment reminders

  • Process deposits and final payments to retreat via wire transfers

  • Facilitate any land transfers with retreat and finalize

  • Create a detailed spreadsheet shared with the group leader

  • Airfare reservations (without points when requested by members

  • Travel entry requirements

  • Balance group profit for retreat issuing payment to group leader after completion of trip

  • Please note a per-member fee will be charged to group 

  • We will book all elements of your group travel however the fee will increase for larger groups & events, multiple destinations, or complex itineraries.  

rebooking fee

Shift your confirmed vacation to a new date

$200+ GST
  • Confirm & rebook all accommodations

  • Confirm & rebook all Excursions & Activities

  • Confirm & rebook airfare reservations (without points)

  • Re-isssue new Travel Insurance

  • Pre-departure document preparation

  • Recheck travel entry requirements

  • Adjust travel documents on convenient app

  • In-destination emergency support

Need to cancel your trip and rebook the same vacation for a later date? We can take care of the tiny details from canceling each element of your current booking to confirming new dates. Should you need rebooking services while you are away we can also take full care of that.

*All fees are non refundable and non transferrable.

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