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Enchanting Apulia: Exploring Italy's Undiscovered Southern Treasure

Apulia Italy's southern treasure

Embark on a captivating 10-day journey through Apulia, Italy's undiscovered southern treasure, where ancient history and modern charm blend seamlessly against the backdrop of the Mediterranean's sparkling waters. From the unique trulli houses of Alberobello to the historic sassi of Matera, this itinerary unveils the rich cultural tapestry and culinary delights of a region less traveled. Experience the warmth of local hospitality, the serenity of coastal towns, and the lush landscapes of the Italian countryside.

Each day is a new adventure, offering guided tours, hands-on experiences, and leisurely explorations of Apulia's enchanting villages, vibrant markets, and breathtaking natural wonders. Prepare to be mesmerized by the beauty, flavors, and traditions of Italy's undiscovered south.

Arrival in Apulia

Day 1:

Welcome to the enchanting region of Apulia! Upon your arrival at Bari Airport and after completing customs formalities, a private transfer will be ready to take you to your accommodation. Spend your afternoon and evening relaxing and soaking in the local atmosphere. When you're ready, select the perfect spot for your first dinner in this beautiful area. Your night will be spent comfortably in the Ostuni area.

Ostuni and Olive Oil Delights

Day 2:

Ostuni whitewashed houses

Begin your day by immersing yourself in the world of extra virgin olive oil with a visit to a genuine masseria (fortified farmhouse) located on the outskirts of Ostuni. Stroll through the olive groves to discover the region's deep-rooted farming traditions, and explore an ancient underground olive mill. Savor a special tasting session that pairs exquisite olive oils with traditional Apulian treats. After this enriching experience, the remainder of your day is yours to enjoy at your own pace.

Monopoli and Sailing to Polignano

Day 3

Start your day with a delightful breakfast before embarking on a transfer from Ostuni to the picturesque town of Monopoli. Enjoy the captivating Italian landscape as you travel. Upon arrival in Monopoli's historic center, meander towards the majestic 16th-century Castle of Charles V, pausing to appreciate its impressive architecture. Next, embark on a memorable boat tour along the Adriatic coast, navigating between Monopoli and Polignano a Mare. Marvel at the stunning vistas of grottos and secluded coves, with a sumptuous lunch served onboard. In Polignano, take a leisurely break to indulge in coffee and gelato, soaking in the town's charm. Return to the Ostuni area for an evening of leisure and another restful overnight stay.

Alberobello Exploration and Mozzarella Making

Day 4

mozzarella making

Begin your day with a transfer to the enchanting town of Alberobello, renowned for its unique trulli homes - remarkable dry-stacked stone structures. Enjoy a guided tour of this UNESCO World Heritage site, delving into its fascinating architectural heritage. Next, journey to a family-run cheese farm nearby, where a skilled artisan will introduce you to the traditional craft of making fresh mozzarella and burrata. Embrace the chance to get hands-on, tying your own mozzarella knots. Relish a homemade lunch at the farm, lovingly prepared by the family, offering a taste of authentic local cuisine. Afterwards, return to your accommodations in the Ostuni area, with the remainder of the day to relax and enjoy at your leisure.

Vineyards, Lecce's History, and Papier-Mâché Craftsmanship

Day 5

Lecce streetview

Depart from Ostuni to Lecce, pausing en route to delve into the world of Apulian wines at a local, family-operated winery. Discover the nuances of regional wines through a guided visit, complemented by a homemade lunch that perfectly pairs with the winery's selections. Upon arrival in Lecce, settle into your accommodations before embarking on a guided exploration of the city's storied heritage. The tour includes a special visit to a local workshop, where you'll meet a papier-mâché artisan. This encounter offers a unique opportunity to learn about the intricate process of turning paper into distinctive art pieces. Conclude your day with a delightful dinner at an authentic trattoria, followed by a restful overnight stay in Lecce.

Gallipoli Exploration, Market Visit, and Culinary Adventure

Day 6

fishing boats

Journey from Lecce to Gallipoli, a charming coastal town in the Salento region. Begin your Gallipoli experience by wandering through the historic town center and the vibrant fish market. Engage in the lively atmosphere as you stroll among the stalls, selecting fresh ingredients for an upcoming cooking class. Under the guidance of a local chef, dive into the art of making orecchiette pasta from scratch, learning each step with hands-on instruction. Culminate your culinary journey by enjoying the dishes you've prepared, paired with a selection of regional wines, celebrating the flavors of your efforts.

Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca and Cave Exploration

Day 7

Embark on a scenic route from Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca, soaking in the breathtaking coastal vistas. Discover the charm of small villages and towns along the way, each offering a unique glimpse into local life. Revel in the stunning landscapes of the Adriatic coast, pausing for a seafood lunch that promises an array of fresh fish delights. After lunch, enjoy a guided tour of Otranto, a picturesque seaside town. Continue your journey to Porto Badisco, known for its tranquil natural harbor, before heading to Castro. There, visit the Zinzulusa Cave, renowned for its impressive stalactites. Your final stop is at Santa Maria di Leuca, a captivating locale where the Adriatic and Ionian seas converge, often referred to as the "end of the earth." Conclude your day with a transfer back to Lecce, where the evening is yours to enjoy at leisure.

Matera Discovery with Ape Calessino Ride and Sunset Aperitivo

Day 8


Begin your day with a transfer from Lecce to the captivating town of Matera, nestled in the Basilicata region and celebrated for its ancient sassi dwellings. En route, enjoy a visit to a local, family-owned masseria for an authentic farm-to-table lunch, immersing yourself in the flavors of the region. Upon arrival, settle into your accommodation in the historic heart of Matera. Experience the timeless beauty of this ancient city with a leisurely Ape Calessino tour, allowing you to absorb the unique atmosphere and stunning architecture at a gentle pace. The day culminates in a romantic evening with an aperitivo at sunset, offering a chance to relish exquisite local wine while witnessing the spectacular sight of the sun setting over Matera. Conclude your evening with dinner at your discretion and a peaceful overnight stay in Matera.

Matera's Bread-Making Heritage

Day 9

Dive into the heart of Matera's culinary traditions with a guided tour to a distinguished bakery, where you'll gain an insider's view on the art of Matera bread-making. Under the expert guidance of a master baker, you'll have the unique opportunity to craft your own loaf, learning the secrets that make this local bread so special. Following this immersive experience, your exploration continues with a walking tour through the iconic sassi districts, offering deeper insights into Matera's rich history and culture. Enjoy some leisure time to wander the town at your own pace, soaking up its enchanting atmosphere. The day concludes with a special farewell dinner at a local restaurant, celebrating the end of your journey with delicious cuisine and fond memories.

Farewell and Departure

Day 10

Today marks the conclusion of your journey. You will be transferred from Matera back to Bari Airport, ensuring a smooth departure for your onward travel arrangements. Safe travels! Reach out to start your own adventure.

*These itineraries are designed to ignite your imagination. While actual itineraries may differ, we also offer customizable options to suit your preferences.


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