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Spectacular Ocean Cruises: Spotlight on Italy, Malta & Greece

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

It is beyond time to re-enter our world and expand your horizons once again., What's old is new again and what's new is spectacular. Upscale cruises in the Mediterranean reveal the wonders of Italy, Malta, Greece, and beyond. We can arrange one-of-a-kind personal tours and shore excursions that enhance your visit in unimaginable ways in each decadent destination. Here are some of our favorite sights and activities in the magical locales of Italy, Malta & Greece.


Rome: Here, experience a rich culture and history in a land that feels as old as time. From the ancient Colosseum to the marvelous ceilings of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel to the delightful trattorias and craftsperson shops that line the winding, cobblestoned streets and piazzas. So go behind the scenes at the Vatican with a licensed guide. For example, there will be a chance to learn about places like the Vatican Radio Station, the Vatican Emeritus House, and the Fontana dell'Aquilone.

Sicily: Best of all, revel in the natural beauty of Messina on the slopes of the Peloritani Mountains. The ruins of the Santa Maria Alemanna Church and the artifacts displayed in the Romanesque and Norman Duomo will fascinate you. Walk to the Silvestri Spent Craters' rim to see remnants of ancient and more recent eruptions. Finish off your day with a visit to the charming town of Taormina for lunch. Don't miss the Greek Theater before you leave.

Naples: With Mount Vesuvius as a formidable backdrop, explore 2,800-year-old Naples. Equally important are archaeological sites and landmarks, from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale with its Egyptian and Graeco-Roman artifacts to a revealing underground tour. Afterward, tour the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Amalfi Coast, famous for its wine, olive oil, and cheese. Alongside a chef, you'll learn about the production of limoncello, mozzarella cheese, and more, followed by a chef-hosted meal.

Florence: Marvel at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and sip through Tuscany. Take in the Renaissance influences from Brunelleschi's red cathedral dome on the Piazza del Duomo to the Museo Nazionale di San Matteo. Spend a fashion-forward afternoon on a Ferragamo Museum, the Gucci Museum, and Santa Croce Square tour.


Valletta: Immerse yourself in the striking cultural hub of Valletta and its Baroque art, museums, and historic sites. The sparkling Mediterranean surrounds all. St. John's Co-Cathedral, built-in 1650, and the bustling outdoor cafes and wine bars of the Grand Harbor define this European capital of culture. Sign up for a market tour to admire the fresh, local produce and sample the region's flavors, from bigilla bean paste and sun-dried tomatoes to peppered goat cheese and Maltese wines.

Mdina: Visit the area's medieval churches, cathedrals, palaces, the Blue Grotto, and Marsaxlokk Village. Continue to the Mdina Glass Factory to watch glass-blowing demonstrations. Shop for treasures at the Gold Market. Here you'll find local jewelry and lace.

Gozo: Lounge on the red-sand beaches of idyllic Gozo. Small coves and sheltered beaches make sublime swimming spots with countless pathways for hiking through the countryside. Just a short ferry ride from Malta and is known as the legendary Calypso Isle from Homer's Odyssey.

Private excursions to the island can introduce you to prehistoric temples and the fortified citadel before a lovely lunch at a locally owned restaurant.


Santorini: Whitewashed Santorini is the epitome of luxury and romance in Greece, where the views only get better with every turn. Set against an azure sea, the terraced homes and windmills encircle a vast caldera, speaking to the island's volcanic past. Sail on the caldera to Volcano Island, Hot Springs, and the private bay of Saint Nikolas. Of course, take time to indulge in the excellent wines.

Athens: Relive ancient history, drama, poetry, and philosophy in Athens, where heady sightseeing days bring you to the Parthenon, the Acropolis, original Athenian neighborhoods, and more. Take a Greek "safari" to Mount Parnitha National Park, home to red deer, foxes, and many bird species in a landscape symbolic of the Alps.

Corfu: Wander the same island where Poseidon is said to have honeymooned. After a guided walk, a professional chef will lead you through a cooking lesson complete with a five-course meal. Later enjoy some of the world's most fascinating beaches and the allure of Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From antiquity to avant-garde, Italy, Greece, and Malta are a treasure chest of marvelous European experiences. Let's chat about how to get you there on an epic luxury cruise.


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