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Basel Day Trips: 3 Fun Options

Switzerland is a central European country that France, Germany, and Italy border. The location of Basel, in the northwest corner of the country, allows visitors to take fantastic day trips to neighboring countries and other parts of Switzerland. More than just Basel awaits you. Check out these great day trips to extend your Basel experience.

Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg

The location of this French castle offers visitors an incredible view of the Upper Rhine Plains as it sits atop the mountainous terrain. This castle surrounding date as far back as the 12th century and is a beautiful way to see this area of Europe. Best of all, you can fit a bit of France into your trip without planning a long excursion. You can experience a little bit of French culture and cuisine only an hour's drive from Basel.

Rotteln Castle

Photo: Hochburg Castle, the largest ruins in the Upper Rhine Valley

Near Lorrach, Germany, Rotteln Castle is located just across the border. This castle is in a region that sits atop the mountainous terrain. Unlike Koenigsbourg, Rotteln has not been repaired, mostly in ruin. The tower is still easily accessible, giving visitors another excellent way to see this region. There are many trails perfect for hiking and soaking in the forested scenery of the European interior. Besides Rotteln's ruin, you may also be interested in Hochburg Castle, pictured above.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and visiting there is like stepping back into Medieval times. Even though it is the capital, the winding streets of the old town have an antique appeal and maintain a tranquil atmosphere. Bern is just a short train ride from Basel. When you are in Switzerland, it's an excellent place to visit.

Before traveling to Basel, research and plan out an itinerary that allows you to maximize your time and experiences; you do not have to limit your trip to Basel as this entire region has so much to offer visitors. The best part about traveling to Europe is that getting around from place to place is effortless. Just because you are going to Basel doesn't mean you can't go to other parts of Switzerland, France, Germany, or even northern Italy.

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