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5 Charming Barcelona Hotels to Try

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is a great place to stay when visiting Spain. Luxury hotels in Barcelona are an excellent choice for those looking to treat themselves during their vacation. The hotels adhere to safety practices through enhanced cleanness and social distancing measures. So if you’re looking for inspiration to plan your next trip, look no further than these charming Barcelona hotels with tastefully designed aspects.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

Photo courtesy: [Hotel Barcelona]

The hotel aims to offer guests a comfortable stay with a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Here, a wide range of mouth-watering classic dishes is paired with wine. Professional bartenders create modern blends that guests enjoy. In addition to Internet access, you can find guided tours, yoga classes, bicycle rentals, slow food, a gym, a swimming pool, etc. Take a walk to the Sagrada Familia, only a 400-meter walk.

Almanac Barcelona

Photo courtesy: [Almanac Barcelona]

The dreamy location is a stone’s throw distance from Catalunya central plaza and the fashionable Garcia Boulevard. Indulging your taste buds with meals prepared by Chef Rodrigo de la Calle enhances the excellence of culinary culture. The hotel’s menu entails a variety of dishes, drinks, and desserts. Rooms feature modern yet elegant designs well equipped for a relaxing stay.

Room Mate Gerard

Photo courtesy: [Room Mate Gerard]

This hotel in Barcelona is near the Tivoli theater, 700 meters from Portal del Angel. In this restaurant, available 24 hours a day, customers can enjoy a wide variety of diets and the best cocktail available in the city. Take advantage of the modern gym and excellent Wi-Fi connection. For those people who sleep until noon, a late breakfast is available. The hotel has a terrace, a viewpoint that offers visitors a new perspective of Catalonia.

H 10 Madison 4

Photo courtesy: [H10 Maddison]

An excellent location for guests, this hotel is located 1.6 kilometers from Somorrostro beach, in the center of Barcelona. Featuring an outdoor swimming pool, it is a fantastic place to relax. The rooms are spacious for every convenience, with a comfy sofa to relax and rest your tired legs. Stay in shape at the fitness center. The hotel is also happy to accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as payment methods for services provided.

Catalonia Magdalenes

Photo courtesy: [Catalonia Magdalenes]

This property is 200 meters from the cathedral, the heart of Barcelona, and the Port del Angel. It is a quiet oasis where guests can relax and access Spa services, massage, and body therapy. Guests can enjoy the stunning views from the rooftop terrace, which features a glass-enclosed pool sun deck and snack bar. The superb chef stations, free snacks, and varied breakfast buffet briefly describe the Catalonian Magdalenes cuisines. Free Wi-Fi is available. Additionally, pets are allowed with an additional charge.

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