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4 Things to Do in Split & Zagreb Croatia

Are you thinking of visiting Croatia? Then Split and Zagreb is the cities to offer you a superb grasp of the Mediterranean paradise. Split is the second-largest city after Zagreb, located off the coast of Croatia. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is lively and bustling, with action guaranteeing an authentic travel experience. Here are four things to do in Split & Zagreb to make your Croatian adventure memorable.

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1. Visiting the top attraction sites

Croatia has all the hallmarks of being a classic, portrayed by the top sites that attract your eyes.

  • There is no better feeling than visiting Krka, a national park with a waterfall and a perfect background to take photos.

  • Zagreb’s landmark cathedral was remodeled into a neo-gothic masterpiece during its restoration. The magical monument is unique from its twin tower that can be seen from a distance.

  • Spend the morning at Europe’s most beautiful urban park, Maksimir Park.

  • Picturesque is a great place to relax and take a break from the city.

  • Those who love art can admire the colorful paintings at the Jaman gallery.

  • Stretch to the museum of broken relationships, a place to tell stories of love and break up.

  • The Tomislav squire is the largest, named after the first Croatian King.

  • Admire Croatian sculptures by visiting the Mestrovic gallery with Grgur Ninski, an iconic statue by the Croatian sculptor.

2. Day trips and excursions

Embark on a scheduled sailing journey to explore Croatian Dalmatia, with planned stops at different sites for sightseeing. Explore the Zagreb funiculars, the shortest funicular in the world. Cruise by boat to Dubrovnik, a city surrounded by the shimmering beauty of the Adriatic. Take a drive to St. Nicholas and St. Jerome churches, situated on Marjan hill, 170 meters high.

3. Try out Croatian cuisine

The country’s culinary delights can be ordered, such as fresh sea catches of the day. Enjoy an exceptional taste of Hvarska Grenada; a fish stew served with potatoes, olive oil, and fresh herbs. Lavender ice cream, grilled fish, seafood, and meat are must-try food in Split.

Alternatively, you can have an authentic wine-tasting experience in Croatia, a country with a wine production legacy. The zinfandel wine bar is perfect for trying the Croatian national wine.

4. Explore recreational activities

The glamorous city of the split is famous for its incredible beaches. A stony beach offers activities like swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing that will make you feel relaxed. Organize a beach party at Bacvice beach, located near the city center. Try Picigin, a thrilling game played in the water, about 2 meters deep. The game is more captivating when you pass the ball to the next player in the most artistic way to prevent it from falling into the water.

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