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10 Best Things to Do in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary, is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities located along the Danube River. So you are sure to have a wonderful time there. There are plenty of exciting things to do in Budapest without feeling overrun by tourists. Medieval bridges link Buda and Pest. Photogenic landmarks and architecture in the city make it perfect for photo opportunities. Discover the must-see places in Budapest in our guide.

Heroes’ Square

The way to start your day off with an adventure is by making this place a perfect start. Take note of the heritage site that is heroes square, which contains pillars and monuments established in 1896. The location of the squares is at a central point where one can easily explore the city. Relish the fascinating views of different artifacts by visiting the Kunsthalle museum of art, the fine art museum, and the city park located behind the square.

Ride the Budapest Castle Hill Funicular

Budapest Castle Hill Funicular, also known as Budavári Sikló, is a funicular railway in the city of Budapest. Experience the thrill of riding over famous landmarks while viewing the top attractions in the area. Among these remarkable sights are the chain bridge, the basilica, and the parliament buildings.

Try Budapest dishes

The local dishes here are worth trying, especially the goulash at Százéves Étterem.

Various elegant restaurants, such as the baroque restaurant on the pest side, offer excellent services for unforgettable dining experiences. End your dinner with fabulous cuisine and a glass of red wine.

Soak at Széchenyi Thermal Baths

Széchenyi Thermal baths contain over 20 pools. Take a bath from the constantly flowing mineral water from the two major thermal springs. Enjoy the benefits of the hot baths at Széchenyi, which are considered to be medicinal.

Feel the performances at Erkel Theatre

Erkel Theater is one of the prominent landmarks to visit in Budapest. This building holds more than 1,800, hosting the best actors and audience. Relax here to be entertained by the live performances carried out at the stipulated time.

Cruise the Danube

Budapest is one of the stops on the upper and lower Danube river cruises. The Legendary Danube cruise starts in the perfectly preserved medieval city of Nuremberg and finishes in Budapest. During its journey, the Grand Danube passes through Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and finally, Germany. No matter which cruise you take, the riverside landmarks are incredible. During the fun evenings, local and international cuisine will be served for dinner.

Stop by the Market Hall

The indoor market is the largest in the city. A visit to the Budapest market will reveal various products, such as fruit snacks and gourmet jams. The market has three floors for your convenience

Traverse the Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Getting across the bridge is a walk worth taking. Buda and Pest are connected using an iron bridge. The historic place is significant, with impressive architecture for the best photo session. The chain bridge is the best destination to hike panoramic views.

Touring the Parliament buildings

It is a must-visit place for historical researchers. A great view of Hungary's parliament buildings resembles Budapest's stunning landmarks. One can easily view the parliament buildings from abroad due to their large size reflecting on the water's surface.

Jewish Quarter

A collection of Establishments makes up the place. Dine in the best bars and cafes and perfect your day by walking into the former ghetto. The Jewish is full of ruin bars and street art. Have a captivating night by your clubbing at Szimpla Kert or a Hungarian-Jewish spot where you can make food orders using an electronic menu.

Let’s pack our bags for this fantastic vacation to Hungary. For more information, contact us here.


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