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Explore & Discover with Clarity

We create tailor-made luxury journeys worldwide, designed for seasoned travelers, empty-nesters, and groups of friends.

We're dedicated to crafting exquisite, tailor-made adventures that redefine luxury for seasoned travelers, empty-nesters, and close-knit friends.

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Hello, I'm Laurie

You're in the Right Place if You're ...

  • A busy professional or family, and you're seeking seamless travel planning that caters to your unique needs.

  • An empty nester, and you're looking for expertly designed travel experiences that offer both relaxation and exploration.

  • A group leader, and you need exceptional support to make your group's travel dreams come true.

  • You're a discerning explorer aged 45+, with a refined taste for luxury and a genuine eagerness to immerse yourself in the local culture, uncovering hidden gems in your travel destinations.

  • An active traveler who has yet to experience the joys of river cruising.

  • Interested in exploring more of Europe by experiencing river or ocean cruise journeys.

  • Prefer, or are interested in the comfort and inclusivity of luxury small ships.

  • Expect travel services that consistently exceed your expectations, providing an unforgettable experience.

  • Want to work with experts who can turn your travel aspirations into remarkable realities.

Laurie Johnson

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Your next vacation is closer than you think

Get the latest travel trends, news, and inspiration, as well as incredible opportunities delivered straight to your inbox each week.

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The benefits of using a Travel Advisor

When you DIY anything in life, you take on risks. Sometimes it's a calculated risk because the consequences
(if anything goes wrong) are minimal.


Other things, the risk is too high - medical procedures, home renovations, educating your children, and even cutting your own hair.


Planning travel, especially out of the country, is something that should also be left to qualified and professional experts.




Why Luxury Travelers Should Ditch DIY Booking: A New Perspective on Planning

Explore the unexpected benefits of letting luxury travel professionals take the reins. From exclusive access to time-saving perks, find out why the DIY approach might be holding you back from your best vacation yet.


The Hidden Stresses of Vacation Planning: Navigating the Journey to Relaxation

Discover why vacation planning can be more challenging than it appears. From information overload to the pressures of FOMO, dive deep into the complexities of planning that perfect getaway and learn how to make it smoother.


Why Travel Insurance Slips Under the Radar: A Deep Dive into Common Oversights

Explore the reasons behind the frequent overlooking of travel insurance. Unearth the misconceptions, risks, and the crucial importance of this often-neglected safety net for travelers.


Does using a professional travel agent or advisor cost more than planning your own vacation?

Think booking with a travel agent is expensive? Dive into our comprehensive analysis revealing how travel agents offer not just cost-effectiveness, but unparalleled value and unique travel inclusions. Discover the true essence of curated travel experiences.




Schedule a complimentary discovery call to acquaint ourselves, allowing me to understand your preferences and aspirations for your upcoming vacation. During this call, I will explain our services and planning package fees. If you believe we are a great fit to work together we'll transition into the exciting design phase.



Following our conversation, I will leverage my expertise to meticulously research and curate a bespoke itinerary tailored to surpass your expectations. I will then present these personalized plans to you in a user-friendly digital format, with an overview of your proposed travel experience.



While I finalize your travel documents, your only decision left is what to pack.  Should you require any assistance before or during your travels, we are just a phone call or email away, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey.


These are just a few of the many destinations we send our clients to


costa rica waterfall

Fran & Nicolas - Port Colborne, ON

We had high expectations for this trip to Costa Rica which is why we wanted help from an expert. This trip exceeded our expectations. Laurie is absolutely wonderful. She was highly attentive to our needs and she responded quickly and efficiently to our questions. The end result was amazing. Everything about this trip was top notch and worry free.

Get the latest travel trends, news, and inspiration, as well as incredible opportunities delivered straight to your inbox each week.

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