Welcome to Peru! Come explore over 10,000 years of history & culture. Lima the capital city is your gateway to adventure travel. Peru is the 2nd leading country in the world for bird diversity and the 1st for bird observation including 84 life zones & 1710 bird species. Peruvian culture is all around you with celebrations and festivals. Visit the famous Machu Picchu or Nasca Lines which are only two of twelve UNESCO World Heritage Sites found here in Peru. Top 10 reasons to visit Peru are adventure, archaeology, gastronomy, nature, health & wellness, living cultures, social responsibility, the coastline & off course our most popular World Heritage sites.

Peru Tours & Activities
  • Guided tours to Machu Picchu
  • Culinary cooking experiences
  • Amazon cruises
  • Nature Trails
  • Canopy walks
  • Adventure sports
  • Wellness Centers
  • Bird watching
  • Excursions to local villages
  • Water sports
Peru Natural Wonders
  • Machu Picchu
  • Sacred Valley
  • Natural spas (Quebrada Fernandez)
  • Ruins
  • Arequipo-Colca Valley
  • Cusco & Chan Chan (cities)
  • Nasca Lines
  • Choco Museo (Cuzco)
Peru Shopping
  • local markets
  • Arequipo (fine shopping, museums)
Peru Museums
  • Museo de Arte de Lima
  • Historical Ships Museum (Iquitos)
Reasons to visit Peru
  • 12 of the World’s Heritage Sites are here
  • Fourth largest Tropical Forest in the World (60% of the country land mass is forests)
  • Greatest biodiversity on the plant
  • A popular birding destination with over 1800 species of birds
  • Ancient geoglyphs (Nasca Lines scratched in the dessert sand)
  • One of the World’s leading culinary destinations
  • Archeological sites
Peru Travel Essentials
  • Languages – Spanish, English (tourist areas), Inca “Quechua & Aymara”
  • Travel Requirements – valid passport
  • Currency – Nuevo Sol For currency rates check here
  • Airport – Jorge Chavez International Airport (Lima)
  • Weather – Summer (Dec-March) Winter (June-Sept)
Peru Resources

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