Traveling to Scotland- What To See & Do On Vacation

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Edinburgh City [photo visit Scotland]

Scotland is surely the land of castles rolling hills, bag pipes, and whisky. There are plenty of things to do & ways to travel around the country. Start off in the capital city of Edinburgh or the popular Glasgow city. If you are traveling from anywhere in Europe, you can conveniently hop on a plane or take in the sights on a scenic train ride along the coast. Scotland is a safe country to travel to and with English widely spoken you can see why it’s a sought after destination for many travelers.

We love Scotland as its full of history and also a place where my ancestors came from on my dad’s side of the family. We’d love to share with you some of our traveling tips on places to stay, what to see & do while on vacation as well as ways to get around the country for budget to luxury travelers.

Hop on bus [photo visit Scotland]

Traveling to Scotland- What To See & Do On Vacation

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom which is a great advantage for those coming from England. You are lucky because you don’t need a passport. Travelers coming from North America can take a flight to Scotland or combine your vacation into one big adventure with a cruise to London England then take the train or flight over to either Edinburgh or Glasgow for more sight seeing. There is so much to do we really suggest you have a few weeks minimum to enjoy all that the country has to offer. From seeing the vast amount of castles, taking part in the culture with food experiences to touring the highlands, Scotland is truly a place everyone from young to old will want to visit at least once but we really think you’ll love it so much you’ll be back again.

What about those on a budget? Depending on your comfort, likes, and off course money you can certainly put on your backpack look for the cheapest places to stay and ride the local bus to locations you’d would like to visit most. Keep in mind it always takes longer by local bus so plenty of time is needed to get between destinations. 3 or 4 weeks would be optimal for this type of traveler. How cool is it to brag to your friends about backpacking in Scotland!

What is the best option for those seasoned travelers? These travelers have probably spent time back in the day camping or renting a cottage with family and friends. Now its time to see the world on a more comfortable level. Gone are the days of soggy tents from camping in the rain or shopping for food to pack in coolers, packing everything but the kitchen sink just to arrive at the cottage enjoying your leisure time at the beach or fishing just to do it all again for the ride home. Seasoned travelers expect more from their vacations like comfortable beds with luxurious sheets, possibly a Jacuzzi in their suite to soak in after a long day of touring or a unique boutique hotel with quainter fine dining. You may like to sip on a glass of wine, savour over an imported beer or whisky while enjoying these type of accommodations.

Eilean Donan Castle [photo visit Scotland]

Places & Events

Set on the grounds of Edinburgh Castle the Military Tattoo has bands from all over the world come to entertain for 9,000 guests of 21 nights. This event is held every August and a must see for those traveling to Scotland.

Another big event if you are an art lover is the Edinburgh Arts Festival.

Come bring in the New Years with Edinburgh’s world famous “Hogmanay” which over 80,000 people happen to attend yearly. Now that’s some party!

Did you know that Glasgow is a UNESCO sight & holds over 130 live music events?

Kenmore Perthshire [photo visit Scotland]

If you love cycling than Scotland maybe the country for you to explore by bike. Can you imagine joining a cycling group riding through the scenic hillsides of Scotland? This could be a great opportunity to meet the local people and see sought after sites if you love cycling. Get more in depth views versus ordinary bus tours.

Bag piper [photo visit Scotland]

How cool to have a young bag piper waiting as your canoe comes to shore in the lochs!

Pitmuies garden guthrie [photo visit Scotland]

More things to do

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is filled with dramatic coastlines, mountain ranges & beautiful scenery on a grand scale. Immerse yourself in history, rare wildlife and sip on a dram of home- made whisky.

Loch Ness

Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness Monster before? Canoe trips take you through the lochs in groups. Interesting painted cottages cluster around the harbour area.


Scotland has over 500 golf courses making this the most sought after place to plan a golfing vacation. With World Class places like Scotland’s Oldest University it’s sure to be a winner. The Ryder’s Cup was actually held here in 2014 if you follow golf at all.

Highland beef cow [photo visit Scotland]

How cute is this woolly beef cow? Visit the roaming hills in the highlands of Scotland. So picturesque for as far as the eye can see. Stay in a local farm and learn what it’s like to be Scottish. Now that’s really giving you a feel for what the countries all about.

When planning your train trip have a look at our recommendations here TransPennine Express

or Scotland Rail.

Castles to Stay in

Inverlochy Castle (5 star)

Dalhousie Castle (4 star) a 13th Century Fortress located near Edinburgh


Creag Mhor Lodge (Fort William)

Tour Ideas

Royal Mile Walking tour (about 1.5 hours)

Edinburgh Outlander Walking Tour (about 2 hours)

Old & New Town Food Walking Tour about 3.5 hours)

Glenkinchie Whisky Distillery (half day)

Loch Lamond & Stirling Castle (full day)

West Highland Lochs & Castles (full day)

Loch Ness, Glencoe & Highlands (full day)

If you’ve traveled to Scotland tell us what you like most about your experience in the comments below. This is just a sample of what’s possible in Scotland. As always are thoughts are our own.

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