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Our tour with the Crocodile Man Tour

I’ve toured with the team from Crocodile Man Tour many times on the famous Tarcoles River. I figured it’s about time I posted a review. Not due to laziness on my part but I’m just super busy getting my new business going.

Each time I ride their river boat I see something new. Maybe a newer team member who shows off his crocodile feeding skills to the many on lookers. Or perhaps cows and horses venturing into the forbidden territory of the crocodiles.

passengers on the boat tour

Luis navigates the boat down the river to spot where we might have a chance to see a crocodile up close. I see a cow heading the herd off the river bank and into the forbidden crocodile zone. Silly they all seem to follow the leader.

These smaller crocodiles sure move fast

The crocodiles are territorial and will attack when a predator enters the area were they like to hang out. The crocodiles eat a lot of food from the river including lots of fish, iguanas, birds, and yes a cow. The crocodiles have a very slow metabolism making a fish last inside their body for a few days. The crocodiles in Costa Rica are American Crocodiles and Caymans. The many eggs are laid high in the river banks hopefully hidden to keep them safe until they hatch. Of all the eggs 1 from about 60 actually survive. Many baby crocs are eaten by other crocodiles as well as the river tyrant the Tiger Heron.

Cows from a surrounding farmer field to the river

The team of the Crocodile Man Tour have been providing tours on the Tarcoles River for many years and have special names for most of the crocodiles you will see. Each crocodile is unique like the team of the Crocodile Man Tour. There leader Jason you could say “the boss” has been known to show off laying across the crocodile as it was stretched out on the river bank. Scary for the average on looker but Jason always puts on a great show. I’ll save that photo and maybe you might get to see for yourself someday.

The local farm horses like to visit the river

My favorite bird on the river is the Roseate spoonbill pictured above on the left. This bird migrates here and you won’t see it every time you take this tour. The beautiful pink color comes from the bird eating shrimp.

Roseate spoonbill

female Anhinga

This bird an Anhinga female sat perfectly on the tree branch so we could capture on our cameras. The team of the Crocodile Man Tour tries to get as close as possible without disrupting nature for you to get that perfect photo.

Holding Bin Laden by the tail

This was an exciting day tour for me, my clients and of course the rest of the tourists on the river tour. Pictured above is Luis holding the tail of the huge Bin Laden with a lucky tourist. Luis is wonderful a careful driver and excellent at putting on a show with the crocodiles.

Me holding the crocodile tail

Well what can I say! If the opportunity comes up yes I’m all in for most things. As a tour guide you need to participate in many activities with your clients to show them the best of Costa Rica.

I hope you’ve enjoy learning about the Tarcoles River the 3rd largest in Costa Rica and someday are lucky to have a tour with the Crocodile Man Tour.

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Muchas Gracias to the team of Crocodile Man Tour for your hospitality and letting me enjoy another river tour with you.

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