Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel - Grand Re-opening Of A Historic Hotel

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For first timers Montreal provides a great vacation if you're looking to get away for a few days with lots to do from summer festivals on the streets to just for laughs comedy there's something for everyone. Our visit was purely business but it didn't stop us from enjoying the city with historic French culture. We were very fortunate enough to visit the newly opened Fairmont Elizabeth Hotel.

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel - Grand Re-opening Of A Historic Hotel

Montreal where modern sophistication meets old charm. This month sparked the reopening of The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel located at 900 Rene Levesque Blvd. The hotel had been closed for a yearlong of renovations with a spectacular grand re-opening in July of 2017. The newly renovated hotel has a sleek 1960's retro feel. Everything has been redone in the hotels from carpets to ceilings.

As we wondered from floor to floor some were decorated with blues tones others with shades of beige. Everything looked clean & smelled fresh as it should be. I particularly loved the use of brightly colored artwork hanging on the walls in each room and suite.

The Lobby

The lobby looked grand in size, but bright and cheery with its marble pillars and flooring. Staff at the hotel were very helpful in pointing you in the right direction to hailing a cab on the street. They have an area for cabs to pick up & drop off. This being my first time I thought the front entrance would be the perfect place, wrong of course, but the doorman had no problem flagging down a cab.

The Restaurant & Café Lounge

The restaurant & coffee lounge are conveniently located at the front of the building with street access hoping to catch the eye of those walking by. The serving stations looked inviting serving up delicious smelling meals to tantalize your taste buds. My eyes were on the fresh lobster you seen in the picture above.

If you love to try new drinks don't forget about the Queen Elizabeth's signature drink of a vermouth mix at one of the bars.

Myself a lover of coffee spotted this café lounge right away. This is my guilty pleasure in life. I think this looks like the perfect spot for people to connect after the perfect dinner or perhaps have a short meeting over coffee.

The Rooms at the Fairmont

500 of the 950 guest's rooms have been completed so far. Each one had a splash of color behind the bed either in a mural painting on the wall or a local artist original. The rooms felt spacious and bright with large windows bringing in plenty of light.

The bedding simple & sleek looked so inviting for us to take a well-deserved nap. I can image curling up here with a great book relaxing after a long day of touring the city.

The Spa & Gym

For those people who like to keep up their workout routine the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel has you covered. Don't miss a beat in this bright gym with an array of exercise equipment.

The Meeting Rooms

Vortex Room

I must say the 3rd floor which is actually a business floor for meeting was my favourite. If I was going to a business meeting I'd want to be here. It is truly astounding. The themed rooms had everything you could think of to conduct a great business meeting or team building experience. One room had a ping pong table, another with more of a nature inspired room with swings giving you a feeling of relaxation and time to get your brain thinking for innovative ideas. There was everything on this floor from meeting rooms to a large reception & bar area.

Swing Room

Lounge Area 3rd Floor

A roof top view located on the 3rd floor to entertain your guests.

A winding staircase will take you to the indoor pool as well as a spa & wellness center on the lower level. For those unable to use stairs there is elevators as well. Coming soon the hotel will open a urban market hosting seasonal products and display the talented works of art from local artisians.

The Gold Floor

For those looking for premium service & amenities the gold floor is for you. Pictured above is the staff waiting to serve delicious food & drinks. This floor is private to those privileged with exquisite lounge seating with touches of elegance & gold. There is plenty of furniture for relaxing or conversations with your friends.

Why Visit The Fairmont in Montreal

This hotel is perfect for those who like clean sleek designs, contemporary furnishings, and close enough proximity to all the local restaurants & festivals.

Across the street is a beauty church that can also be seen from the 3rd floor of this hotel.

Perfect for millennials, groups or weddings.

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As always our thoughts are our own.

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