The Baldi Resort & Spa: Our first tour to the fascinating hot springs

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One can’t plan a trip to Costa Rica and not visit one of the many hot springs! It’s almost like one of the wonders of the world.

I’ve always wondered what it was like relaxing in an outdoor hot spring. Sitting in a warm pool taking in the breathtaking views of all the tropical plants is not a bad way to spend the day. In fact, it was a wonderful day. So relaxing, something I sure needed after my months of hard work.

View of Arenal Volcano

We took a tour from the central area of the country up to Guanacaste where many of the hot springs are located. You’ll find some in a moderate price range to more luxurious ones. We chose the Baldi Hot Springs for our day of luxury and pampering. Baldi is about a 5 minute drive from La Fortuna. You can combine a tour with a hike around the Arenal Volcano with the hot springs. It certainly is a great way to relax after taking along hike. We however opted for the countryside drive to see the volcano, the town of La Fortuna then spend the rest of our day at the hot springs.

Parking at the Hot Springs

At the entrance is a large statue of a lady you might want to stop and get your picture taken with her.

When you enter the door on your left you will find a reception desk. Check in and pay there unless it’s already included in your tour package as ours was. We received our entrance bracelets then proceeded to the change rooms to start our first experience. Towels were provided which we returned at the end of our day. There is a fee for the locker but it’s totally worth it to keep your valuables safe.

Dining at Baldi

You can choose from lunch or dinner at this facility. We were lucky to have lunch included in our package. Our group sat at a nice table on the outdoor terrace with tropical views and a quiet pool beside us. Our food was delicious served by friendly staff. A swim up bar was located close by. Convenient if you wanted to order and tropical drink. This is an added price which is not included in the tour.

25 thermal pools

There are 24 thermal pools to dip your toes in at this resort. It certainly feels like a resort with all the beautiful tropical vegetation surrounding the pools. All the pools are crystal clear so you know they are well taken care of. Baldi is one of the largest in the world.

As you walk up the paved pathways you find pools like this one pictured above on your left or right side. Each one has a sign with the temperature of the pool. If you need a little help getting in use their hand rails to help you ease in. If some pool temperatures are too hot for you or you need to cool down, they have a cold pool you can plunge into. Myself I’m just fine with trying all the hot pools out.

Baldi Kids

If you brought your kids with you Baldi has a great section for them. A waterslide area that looks like an amusement ride swishes them around and drops them out at the bottom. We were all adults in our group but it sure looked like fun. At Baldi they also had gigantic waterslides for older kids & adults for a thrilling ride splashing into a hot pool.

If you’re thinking you need a little more pampering you can always pre-book a massage or treatment at the Acqua spa.

You can always contact us if you would like to pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

Our day felt so wonderful and relaxing thanks to our tour operator for suggesting this location. Not only did we see so much of the countryside on our drive up but we got to know others in our group.

It was a lot of fun going inside the cave areas. We even found a sauna in here.

A few of the pools hand giant structures where waterfalls cascaded down. A few lounge chairs surrounded some of the hot pools making a tempting place to take a short siesta if you felt the need. We managed to find a whirlpool as well. Here we spent the last of our day surrounded in bubbles.

This tour to Baldi Hot Springs certainly unsurpassed our expectations.

If you would like to visit other hot springs in the northern location of the country, there is plenty to choose from.

Hot Spring Options

Tabacon is number one for luxury in the area. It’s takes about 15 minutes to drive from La Fortuna.

The Springs is another luxury hot springs featuring multi- level pools with a 20 minute drive from La Fortuna.

Eco-Termales has a simple elegance to its resort with a 5 minute drive from La Fortuna.

A hot springs adventure is great for the whole family to enjoy or for a couples’ romantic getaway. Most of these locations you can reserve a room for a more enhanced experience of what the country has to offer.

Our opinions are our own as always.

If you’d like to read more helpful reviews on other locations, you might like to be part of our family.


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