Our guide to taking a taxi in Costa Rica

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Official Taxi in Costa Rica are red in color and have a triangle on the side of their door. The triangle has a TP254. “Taxi Puntarenas #254. Taxi’s only pick up in their own province. San Jose taxi’s for example will have a sign with TSJ111, so each province will be coded in the triangle with a number. Taxi’s have Government regulated rates and use meters just like at home. Make sure that your driver uses the meter. If you don’t speak Spanish point to the meter. If you’d like to give your Spanish a try “La Maria por favor” The meter please. If they aren’t willing you can report them on line. You can use googletranslator to help you fill out the form that is in Spanish or possibly some local friends.


Airport Taxi Service

Airport taxi’s are orange colored which are specific to the airport locations. They can be normal size cars or van sized. These taxi generally cost more than the red ones. Be sure to ask for prices before getting in.

Tipping & Money

It is not necessary to tip your taxi driver. We suggest you bring small change & bills preferably colones. If you have a map of Costa Rica or smartphone (with map) this will also be helpful to communicate your place of destination.

Beware there is lots of Pirate taxi’s (called Piratas) through out the country that look similar with red cars. There can also be plain cars with people asking you if you want a taxi.

Always be safe an use an official taxi service.

Private Transportation

If you have larger groups of people or prefer to pre-arrange your transportation you can always contact us. Our driver will have a sign with your name on it waiting for you once you exit the airport. They will have a white van with a yellow sign with black writing “Turismo” on the van.

Enjoy your ride! Pura Vida!

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