Chocolate and Animal Lovers Tour in Costa Rica

Chocolate and Animal Lovers Tour in Costa Rica


Our tour begins with the master chocolatiers at Sibu. Located in the mountains near San Jose, Sibu is committed to sharing their passion & inspiration of chocolate making, while helping support the local economy. Enjoy a homemade lunch with freshly prepared ingredients. Sample some of the cacao fruit & beans and try hot chocolate made from a 1500 year old recipe.


garden10 Photo courtesy of Sibu Chocolates

Next we venture off to the Toucan Rescue Ranch for our Nature Tour. Toucans, macaws, monkeys, and sloths are just some of the animals to see at this licensed Wildlife Refuge Center. Some animals are well enough to be released back into the wild due to the excellent medical care & staff. The Rescue Ranch is currently in the process of raising funds to build an on-site clinic. At this rescue you are able to interact with the animals



Photo courtesy of Toucan Rescue Ranch

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