A Taste of Tica living in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

During my recent trip to Costa Rica, I’ve got to see a whole other side of life. Living in my own rental apartment with very little amenities to our Canadian & United States standards. I give you this challenge. I recently tried to see how living in a studio apartment with (air-conditioning) a total plus according to Costa Rica life, beds, a cold shower every day, ants, a small lizard, and the general everyday life of living like a “TICA, how I would measure up. I’m happy to say I did survive. The air-conditioning broke only once. If I had a fan I totally would have survived being a country girl at heart. The ants no problem we have them here as well in Canada. The lizard so use to that! I found him behind my door in the bathroom. He quickly hit under the bed. Later I found him behind several bags of school supplies which I had brought for all the local children.


My room in Puntarenas

Sorry for the mess, but my counter needed to double as my office as well. The coffee maker you see I didn’t use at all. No coffee pot to collect the coffee. I found it easier to use the microwave to boil the water and use a funnel and filter bought at the local Pali store. This is much closer to the best way to make coffee anyhow. On our tour to Espiritu Santo Coffee Plantation this is were I learned valuable information.

The local groceries stores which are actually a Walmart called Pali was ok as well. You generally get basic staples. An upgrade is Maxi Pali then a final Walmart located close to the San Jose Airport has a lot more items just like here. Towels were a much needed item on my list as I was only supplied with a small one. Dishes & cutlery I was able to borrow from my friend. A frig which continually froze my items. I kept turning the temperature down. A microwave labelled in Spanish. I was able to cook pasta and make alfredo sauce. I ate a lot of rice, beans, canned corn & tuna. Juices were great and taste a lot better than here. When we stopped at a local roadside stand for fruit I was able to get mangoes. So good the fresh fruit! Especially when we got to stop on the way down the mountain for fresh strawberries “fresas frescas” in Spanish. So amazing you really need to try it. I had bought 2 containers to share with our clients from Canada.


A view from my room

Accept for the locals making lots of noice during the carnival celebration in town and the other renter with his constant noise of his diesel truck running for hours it wasn’t that bad. I was lucky as the small complex had a pool. Nothing by our standards, but really who cares. It certainly cooled you off. I think I frequented the pool more than any of the other renters for the year. No beach excursion either this trip. The weather was usually a hot 33 degrees Celsius during the daytime. This was awesome because back home temperature ranged around 24 below Celsius.


Visiting a local community

After many great experiences of meet locals, other tourists see Las Hornillas and Llanos de Cortez waterfalls which were highlights for me my last full day ended with a visit to a nearby community. This was so amazing, we had pulled up in the van to stop and hand out to the kids coloring books, crayons, pencil crayons and story books which I had collected from my donations here in Canada. I couldn’t believe how many kids came and in such a short time. To see their faces and bring a little joy to them was such a pleasure. They wanted to know when I would be back again. Well that date is this coming June. I’ve already started the donations again.

So my challenge to you and myself is to see if you can simplify things in your life, spend more time with your family & friends. Live the “PURA VIDA” life which means pure life. Try it for 30 days.

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