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This is my home for the next 2 weeks while I stay in El Roble, Puntarenas. My room cost is 210,000.00 colones ($391.40 USD) with no air conditioning. If you choose to have air conditioning you will pay about 3,000.00 colones more. I also asked for a fan so I can get used to living here with no air. Air-conditioning is very expensive here in Costa Rica.

Cabinas Nahir

El Roble Puntarenas

Puntarenas, Costa Rica (p) 26630816 , (p) 87626670

I have the basic essential needs like a microwave, coffee makers, very small frig, small sink, bathroom with shower, wardrobe closet, table to eat and tv. Most importantly it has Wi-Fi. So far it’s been good so I am able to work while I am in Costa Rica. One thing to remember always save your work on the computer often in case the power goes out unexpectedly. Which I can assure you is true. This cabina is not equipped with dishes or cooking utensils so you will need to go to the store for those items. I would also suggest a grill. No sure were to get that yet but would be great for chicken and fish. Very clean room and I like that you can leave the window open (day time) if you like. It is gated which most places here in El Roble are.

I love hearing the children walk by always laughing and happy. The first few nights were a bit rough for sleeping as a crazy (loco) rooster is close by. I can’t believe it starts making noise about 1 am in the morning. As I say loco he goes on throughout the day as well. Weirdly enough he has been quiet for the last several hours. I haven’t actually seen his location yet. Hum I wonder if he is someone’s dinner. Maybe perhaps he is finally taking a siesta.

The children outside (los niños fuera)

The local school (escuela) is very close by. I got a chance today to take some pictures. The children were all running around, must have been like a gym class. Very simple looking school but typical in Costa Rica. I have to say it is so nice to see children outside playing with each other. Back home in North American life has most kids sitting inside on their computers, xbox and spending lots of time on social media instead of real people interactions.

Jardin de Ninos (escuela en El Roble)

Take a left (izquierda) at my building and down the street you will find a local church. Yesterday I didn’t have my camera which would have been a great opportunity to take a picture of the inside. Today not so lucky as it was closed.

El Roble Church

A view from the gate inside the church

Across the street from the church is a soccer field and running track. Last night this was used by the locals.

Soccer (fútbol) field & running track

Unfortunately I took the wrong way this morning towards the bakery. No worries the exercise is good for you especially being cooped up during the cold winter months in Canada. Always take water with you as you will dehydrate in the heat quickly. I headed back to my cabina to get directions from a tica. As she gave me directions I realized how stupid I was forgetting about the pathway that I was told to take a few days before. So the store is only a few blocks away. I knew that!

My pathway to the Mega Super & Pali stores for groceries.

Nice thing about the Mega Super it has air-conditioning. Great as I needed to rest after the extra walking I just created for myself. Good news you can get lunch here too! I got breaded fish (pescado), rice (arroz), salad (ensalada), and fruit juice (jugo de fruta) for less than 3 mil. I decided to head to the store after last nights many power outages. I did have a small flash light but thought it would be handy to have a candle as well. My first time shopping in the store by myself. I have been to both of these stores several times in the past. I could order my lunch in Spanish but just had trouble with understanding the money exchange. I will definitely have to practice that one. No problems finding most of my item needs just the matches (caja de fósforos) which were located at the front counter. Just to give you an idea of some price comparisons for a Costa Rican’s beer (Imperial) you can get a small can for 715 colones (1.3385 USD) at Pali and 740 colones (1.38619 USD) at Mega Super. Imported beer such as Stella cost 1025 colones (1.92037 USD), and ready cooked small chicken propably would serve 2 people cost 2950 colones or (5.57867 USD). I had brought my pocket size Spanish book with me which was very handy to have to help communicate when you speak only a little Spanish.

Mega Super which is a super market (súper Mercado)

Located beside the Mega Super is another grocery store called Pali which is a Walmart. Lots of them are located through out Costa Rica. The Pali has less items to choose from, and I find it like our Food Basics at home in Canada.

This Maxi Pali isn’t too far of a walk and has a lot more essential items. You can even buy a frig, tv, microwave or a crockpot. The prices are good and you have more selections to choose from. San Jose has a big one like this but simply called Walmart I would also suggest getting some fresh fruit & vegetables from the local farmer’s market. Roadside stands sell fruit but you will generally pay a little more.

Local bakery

On the main street are two bakeries which you can get fresh bread, crousants, pastries, and donuts. It’s only a few block up from my cabina were I am staying.

If you are looking for pharmacies there is several in town. Lots of shops to purchase fresh meat. For those of you who love you fresh fruit shakes they have that too! A large which is a grande was 1000 colones made with fresh strawberries, mango, and watermelon. A sure thirst quencher on a hot day!

Local bus stop

A bus stop is located across from these two stores. Local bus service is pretty good in Costa Rica and at a cheap price for transportation. I have found that their is an apps you can add to your phone with schedules. You can always take a taxi or private transportation as alternative choices.

The only thing I miss is a pool here in this location. I do love cooling off with a dip in the pool.

That crazy (loco) rooster I mentioned just started up again. I guess he didn’t get eaten after all!

I’m hoping to capture a beautiful sunset while I am here. As I look outside my window I faintly see a rainbow but not good enough to photograph. A girl (una niña) walks by the gate, I say to her hola and give her a wave. Such friendly people here as she waves back. This location is a pretty good start to getting use to living here. If you love the beach and don’t drive I suggest looking in a different area or use alternative transportation.

Pura Vida!!!

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