6 Reasons To Visit Costa Rica

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There is so many things to do in this wonderful country from adventure activities like Canopy tours (zip lining), hiking in cloud forests, beaches to enjoy & relax, coffee & cocoa tours, yoga retreats, surfing, wildlife refuge facilities, hot springs, and also our many volcanoes. Costa Rica is also a fantastic region for photography in our bio-diverse country.

Zip Lining

One of the must try things to do in Costa Rica is zip line. Costa Rica has so many great places to try this adventure sport. The thought sounded great but my inner chicken came out when we first tried it. My first rappelling experience at Adventure Golf Vista in Costa Rica! OMG! I was so scarred my knees were shaking but after the first two zip lines and first rappel, I’m hooked. Love it, love it! Doing it again! The team at Adventure Golf are fantastic! I'm so glad my daughter wanted to try this.

Check it out on you tube!

Nature & Wildlife

Costa Rica is a top wildlife destination for Nature Tours. The country has a dry forest, wet forest & transitional forest between the two. Costa Rica is home to many species of plants and animals such as monkeys, birds, frogs, iguanas, crocodiles, turtles, anteaters, wildcats, sloths, whales, manatees, sharks, coatimundis, , butterflies, and tapirs.

These plants & animals can be seen throughout the different regions of the country.

One of my go to spots is to see the monkeys!

white faced monkey (capuchin)


Costa Rica has many volcanos in the country. Arenal located in the northern province of Guanacaste had many visitors when it was pouring lava from it cone shaped top. Many hotels in the area offer rooms with great views of the volcano. Poas Volcano is the most visited volcano in the country. At present 2017 it is closed due to its current activity. This is one of my favorites to visit as there is 2 craters in the park. Each one is about 100 years apart. You have to see it to believe it how amazing nature is. Turrialba is located near the capital city San Jose. This volcano has been erupting several times in 2016 closing down the International airport. I find each one unique in its characteristics.

Arenal volcano


Waterfalls are in abundance in Costa Rica. They are so beautiful to see. Some you can swim in like Llanos de Cortez and La Fortuna. You may think with so many you will see them from the road side, but this is not the case. Many require several steps of paths down to the base. My favorite is the Rio Celeste Waterfalls for its turquoise color. This waterfalls is located in the Tenorio National Park a little hike through the park to get to and 150 steps down to the base. You can read more about this here. Rio Celeste

La Paz Waterfalls


Costa Rica has mainly volcanic beach (dark sand) however there are some white sandy beaches. Popular beaches are Playa Biesanz, Ostional (North of Nicoya Peninsula), Esterillos, Punta Uva (Caribbean Coast), Papagayo Peninsula, Islas Tortugas, Playa Matapalo (Manual Antonio), Playa Grande (Tamarindo), Isla de Cano (Oso Peninsula), Cahuita, Uvita, Playa Carrillo (South of Samana), Playa Ventanas (near Ojochal), and Playa Arcos (Ballena Park).

Manuel Antonio

The beaches are not usually the main attractions to the country however they are still popular for surfing. In fact each year Costa Rica holds a national event.

Punta Leona Beach

Local Food

In Costa Rica there is a wide variety of local sodas, street food, family owned restaurants, specialties like Italian, Chinese, Thai to name a few. They even have Starbucks and fast food restaurants. Local sodas which are generally open for breakfast & lunch offer better prices for meals. They may not be fancy but the food is always good & plentiful. Tico owned restaurants versus those owned by foreigners are usually good value for your money. I suggest trying some of the local cuisine while you are here, and it is a great way to support the locals.

Located right near the pier in Puntarenas

These are only some of our reasons why you should visit Costa Rica. We fell in love with it the first time we came and can't get enough.

As always our opinions are our own.

Have you been to Costa Rica? Tell us where you've been and what you think in the comments!

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